Plantmanager, Build Your Own Plant

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Build Your Own Plant is the result of a unique collaboration between the branch FHI Industrial Automation and the developer and publisher of games; 999 Games. The game is designed and produced for the exhibition HET Instrument 2010.

Players are managers whom get a very clear assignment. Automate and improve and old rundown factory and turn it into a profit generating money machine. Processes are improved to obtain better quality, a higher efficiency, lower costs ans HSE needs to be improved to meet the necessary standards.

Improving your plant alone isn’t quite enough in this game. Buying resources and selling goods is an integral part of the game and the way profitable companies operate. The simulated markets emphasise the need to buy and sell wisely.

The players are experienced Plantmanagers hired by the owner of a plant in need of modernisation. They have to upgrade the machines with products and services from the FHI members to improve the quality and quantity of the plant’s output. To do so, resources are bought, processed and the final products are sold on the market.

Each round players select actions by putting they playing pieces on action spaces. For each action they play an Event card, Purchase resources, takes improvement cards, gets the HSE bonus, sells goods, pays OPEX, pays maintenance and pays taxes.

At the end of five years the managers are judged on their performance. The most valuable production plant with the most capital scores the most points.

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