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Nieuwprijs: €23,95

Aanbieder: Ronald Broekhuizen,

Prijs: €10,00


Dit spel bevat een Engelstalige en een Duitstalige handleiding.

It is a well-known fact that with the wrong audience, every movie becomes a horror flick. In Showtime, in order to enjoy a movie and gain points, players have to carefully pick seats for their moviegoers. They have to avoid nearby ever-munching snack addicts, absurdly tall people in front of them and that guy with the overactive bladder who always sits in the middle of the row for some reason. Players also try to meet their moviegoers preferences like sitting next to their crush, being surrounded by women or just watching a movie they like. Now let’s hope no bully shows up at the last minute and scares the moviegoers off their perfect seats! After three movies, whoever enjoyed the screenings most (= scored most points), wins the game. Showtime is an easy, fast-playing family game with a funny, original theme for 2 to 4 players. Here, players can enjoy both a clever character placement game and the highly relatable audience.

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